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The philosophy of APIP came from a Chinese saying, “心若不異,萬法一如。---《- 信心銘》.” It means that when we uphold our attitude and principle, we have thousands of resolutions to our client’s problems, but one determination in service.

“Proficiency, Efficiency, Reliability and Integrity” is the belief of the founder, as well as our patent attorney, Mr. Ares Yang, since the creation of AIPT Trademark & Law Office. It is a motto that we have lived up to. Time flies, and the belief is condensed with 25 years of experience, transformed us into our clients’ trusted, powerful backup. We understand determination is the key to guard our clients’ fruitful gem of wisdom. In 2020, we decided to refocus on our initial intent, officially restarting with a new name, APIP Patent & Trademark Firm. With the faith and belief that our clients are familiar with, we hung up a brand new sign, keep on fighting for our former and fresh clients, moving onward and upward.

We understand that in order to achieve success, solely focus on the initial intent is insufficient, outstanding professionalism and integrity are equally, if not, even more essential. Thus, we vowed to revolve around our clients, who nurture creative ideas, and guard those invaluable ideas until they are granted the protection of Intellectual Property by law. To achieve that, we promptly respond to clients’ all manners of needs to provide consistent value. To deliver effective service to clients is our resolution and essence, because our success hinge upon their successes. The clients’ satisfied expressions and smiles are appreciatively remembered. To serve our clients is the sole reason of our existence, the appreciation from our clients is the principle, as well as the driving force behind our development.

In addition to the senior patent and trademark attorneys, we also have highly experienced engineers in various fields. We have broad knowledge in most IP fields, such as patent and trademark prosecutions, protection to copyright, patent infringement litigation. We are able to provide efficient IP-related services on a national and international basis.

APIP is a professional and experienced team, not only with a tremendous strength, but also a passion in service. In addition to the senior patent and trademark attorneys, we have more than 40 professionals in various aspects, who are all knowledgeable, highly proficient agents. Our range of service includes patent, trademark and copyright applications, as well as infringement prosecutions, litigations, dispute resolutions and other relevant services. We are confident to provide clients competent and professional service in all aspects.

Our Culture

APIP is based on customer-centric culture

We adhere to customer-centricity, respond quickly to customer needs, continue to create long-term value for customers, and then achieve customers. Providing effective services to customers is the direction of our work and the rule of value evaluation. To achieve customers is to achieve ourselves. Serving customers is the only reason for our existence, and customer needs are the driving force behind our development.


Our History

Extend Office Location

Increase the Bannan Road office to upgrade professional service resources again.

Renamed as APIP(法如) Patent and Trademark Office

Merged with APIP Patent and Trademark Firm, the original AIPT IP Patent and Trademark Office was renamed as APIP Patent and Trademark Firm, continuing the original intention and continuing to focus on the industry.

Qualification Certification by the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs

Five service certifications:
1. Legal services for IP Rights
2. IP Rights Analysis service
3. IP Rights Acquisition Services
4. IP Rights Infringement Analysis Service
5. IP Management and Utilization System Services

Spin off from AIPT Group and operate independently

Due to the different business philosophy from AIPT Group, it was split from Hongjing Group and operated independently.

Reached the goal of the top 5 firms in electronic patent applications.
honorary title:

Asia IP Taiwan Recommended Patent Firm Tier2
Asia IP Taiwan Recommended Trademark Firm Tier2

WTR1000 Evaluation of Taiwan Patent Firms - Silver Award
AIPT IP Patent & Trademark Office

Taipei Official Registration Office